Vox800 Toll-free

With Vox800, Voxbone provides local toll-free, shared cost and special phone numbers from various countries for direct inward dialing (DID). Calls to these telephone numbers are converted from PSTN to VoIP, and are transported to anywhere in the world over Voxbone's global IP backbone. In a growing number of countries, existing telephone numbers can also be ported to the Vox800 service.

Calling toll-free numbers is free for the caller. Consequently, a per-minute fee is charged to the Vox800 customer. The per-minute fee varies among countries, depending on the type of network from which the call originated. Wherever possible, Voxbone offers its customers the possibility to block calls per type of originating network, a feature known as Calling Party Category (CPC). CPC information is available in the Vox800 CDRs and SIP-headers, and can be inserted in the destination URI.

Shared cost numbers (national numbers) and special numbers (geographical numbers, usually from remote areas) have a per-minute fee for the caller, as well as for the called party.

View our Vox800 Toll-free coverage

  • National toll-free phone numbers
  • 35+ countries covered
  • Global Call Capacity (VoxTrunk)
  • Local number portability
  • No restrictions for concurrent calls
  • API and webportal for real-time provisioning

Vox800 Service Description

Vox800 Service Description


Call Flow Vox800

Voxbone Call Flow Vox800