VoxSMS adds two-way SMS (text) messaging capabilities on VoxDID – Mobile numbers, Voxbone's long-code mobile phone numbers.

Voxbone provides both national as well as international SMS termination. Since local SMS termination is done directly through one or more local licensed mobile operators, we provide full two-way coverage with a nearly 100% delivery rate. In addition, we provide high quality international termination with large coverage at competitive rates.

For inbound SMS, Voxbone offers a choice of technologies that can be used to receive text messages, namely SMPP, SIP and SMTP. Outbound SMS are delivered using SMPP. All messages are routed internationally over Voxbone's global IP backbone and queued in one of Voxbone's geo-redundant SMSCs.

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  • Inbound and outbound SMS capabilities on VoxDID - mobile
  • Two-way SMS service with all national mobile networks
  • High-quality international termination
  • Competitive rates
  • SMPP interconnection
  • Delivery reports

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