Why Join Voxbone

We are unique in what we do, how we do it and who we are, which makes for a unique work experience. 

Here are six reasons to join our team:

  1. We are a rapidly growing technology company. In 2005, Voxbone pioneered the concept of VoIP virtual phone numbers. Today, we are the world's market leader in this telecommunications segment. We operate a global private VoIP network that is recognized by our customers for its quality of service and innovation. By joining Voxbone, you will work for one of the most innovative and fast-moving telecommunications companies in the world. 
  2. We serve some of the largest and most innovative telecommunications companies in the world. As a member of our team, you will interact with customers such as Skype, Belgacom, Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Level 3. We serve customers in almost 100 countries. 
  3. We have a casual and international company culture. With a team representing nearly 20 nationalities, Voxbone is truly a global company. If you are sociable, collaborative, creative, eager to learn and passionate about your job, you will feel at home and be a valuable addition to our team.                      
  4. Our global headquarters are located in a vibrant neighborhood close to the Brussels city center. Designed by a prominent interior design firm, our office stimulates creativity and social interaction, and working here is fun. For example, you'll find a pool table and a hammock in the beach corner.       
  5. Voxbone's North America headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA. Enjoy the amenities of a collaborative work space in the Golden Gate Theatre building, a landmark located right off Market Street. Weekly networking events and opportunities make up a large part of our ethos there.                     
  6. Our compensation package is designed to be competitive and motivating. Benefits include medical insurance, pension plans, a contribution to Internet service at home, use of a smartphone, a mobile subscription with data included, team-building events and a results-dependent bonus.