Think Global, Speak Local

A little phrase to sum us up. We help businesses like yours create local presence on a global scale with cloud communications. As employees and more importantly as people, we strive to improve the communities we are part of.

Our Story

Age Is Just A Number. We Love Numbers.

Strangely Simple since 2005

Age Is Just A Number. We Love Numbers.

Voxbone was founded in 2005, making us 14 years old. In startup years, that puts us somewhere in our mid-twenties. Growing up brings new challenges, but a whole lot of opportunities too.

Starting a Grassroots Movement

Superpowering cloud communications

Starting a Grassroots Movement

We started out by capturing the wholesale/resale market. We did a pretty great job, and now almost anyone who’s anyone in that space uses Voxbone.

Evolution and Revolution

evolution, revolution

Evolution and Revolution

In 2019 we announced our enterprise-grade telephony capabilities and expanded its solution, providing a local two-way voice solution in over 25 countries.

Long Live the New Communication

Bring Your Own Carrier

Long Live the New Communication

Going forward, we want to breathe some life into the telecoms industry with our bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) model that scales with your business.

Voxbone in numbers

Leadership Team

It takes a certain type to work at Voxbone. Brilliant, kooky and obsessed with the details. The sort of person to come up with bold, slightly bonkers ideas AND read the fine print. These are the people who make our company tick.

Itay Rosenfeld


Chief Executive Officer

Stef Konings


Chief Financial Officer

Amaya Gonzalez Lantero

Gonzalez Lantero

Chief Revenue Officer

Gaetan Brichet


Chief Operations Officer

Anne-Valérie Heuschen


Chief Coverage Officer and General Counsel

Dirk Hermans


Chief Development Officer

Matt  Brown


VP of Product

Jemma  Hardy


VP Human Resources

Got what it takes to join Voxbone?

Are you the missing link in the story of our success? Well then, get off the sidelines and into the game!

Logo Lovers & Typophiles. This one

Logo Lovers & Typophiles. This one's for you.

Looking for logos? Interested in our brand and tone of voice? Just being nosy? Take a peek behind the curtain and see how we made Voxbone branding the best in the business.

Voxbone is Hotter than a Habanero

Voxbone is Hotter than a Habanero

If variety is the spice of life, our workforce is the chicken vindaloo of the telecoms industry. We speak 34 languages between us and have a fiery passion for our international representation.

Our Highlights Reel

Our Highlights Reel

Stop the presses! We make the news every now and again. When you’re kicking ass and taking names as much as we are, it’s bound to happen. Head over to our press page for the highlights.