Adopting Cloud Communications for Your Digital Transformation

Companies leading successful digital transformation projects are 4x more likely to implement cloud communications into their strategy than unsuccessful ones. That’s the standout finding from our latest research, the highlights from which you can see in our glorious new infographic below.

We partnered with Nemertes Research to find out: what kind of companies are migrating their comms to the cloud? And, what are the benefits?

Their survey of 600 companies revealed:

  • 75% of the organizations surveyed already have, or are planning a digital transformation strategy
  • 75% of organizations have already deployed SIP trunks or are evaluating it for future deployment
  • 41% of companies say they want to use SIP Trunking to save costs

The majority of participants are already implementing their digital transformation strategy, as well as deploying or evaluating the use of SIP trunking. That’s a big deal, as organizations realize the benefits of SIP trunking, given that communications are such a major aspect of their business transformation efforts.

By adopting a cloud SIP trunking service, businesses are able to reduce their operational costs, extend their reach globally and improve customer engagement.

Cloud Communications + Digital Transformation = Success

Check out the rest of the stats in our infographic below along with the full Nemertes Research guide for more insights:

Infographic SIP trunking adoption infographic, Nemertes Research