Torrey Searle and Vincent Morsiani from our R&D Department, and fathers of many cool things at Voxbone, attended Astricon 2014 and brought their deep knowledge of SIP and WebRTC to the first (ever) Astricon Hackathon on Tuesday. Program? 8hrs of pure communications hacking with the help of Asterisk, Respoke, and some other communications APIs.

Meet GrannyCall:


Torrey and Vincent paired with Giacomo Vacca and Andy Smith (from Truphone) and Tom De Moor (a fellow belgian) to build an app that enables kids to call their parents or their grandparents and have their politeness (or vocabulary) analyzed and scored.

How it works

The team used two very neat APIs in addition to Asterisk’s chan_respoke module. The app uses Voxbone’s WebRTC API to make a WebRTC  to SIP call to the Asterisk PBX, and using chan_respoke the call is forwarded back to Granny’s web browser (built using Respoke’s API). Once the call ended, Asterisk uploaded the recorded to Clarify’s API to be analyzed.

The Clarify API is able to pick up on certain “tagged” words from the recording. The team set up, using Clarify, a set of predefined key words which are compared with the words in the recording to give an overall score to the children. The resultant score is then used to calculate the level of reward that the child should receive!

This app shows the wonderful things you can build using WebRTC and how easy it is to combine it with any other APIs to create a variety of new ways to communicate.

For more info on how the app was built, check out this great post from one of the team members, Giacomo, who had lots of great things to say about Voxbone’s WebRTC Library.

The app is also published on Challenge Post as part of the AstriCon Hackathon.

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