Austria Joins the Full Stack Voice Party

Our coverage pixies have done it again! Thanks to their hard work, we’re able to launch our Full Stack voice service on phone numbers in Austria.

A top-ten EU economy, Austria becomes Voxbone’s 27th Full Stack-enabled country. But this is no Schroedinger’s Coverage… No it’s the real deal, whether you look or not. Read on to see what’s in the box!

Full Stack Voice

  • The ability to make national calls on your Austrian phone numbers to any other number in the Austrian national numbering plan, including short codes and special numbers
  • A guarantee that these calls will be routed in-country, for the best call experience and lowest latency. And local number CLI presentation, proven to deliver 3-4x higher answer rates among prospects and customers
  • The ability to ensure full regulatory compliance without supplementary legacy landlines. So you can access the relevant local emergency services on 112 straight from your Voxbone numbers
  • The ability to port your existing Austrian numbers to Voxbone using our automated tools and APIs. This standardizes and automates an otherwise difficult process. As a result, you can steer clear of disruptions to your business voice services as you migrate to the Voxbone network

Phone numbers

In Austria, you’ll find that we offer the Royal Flush of business phone numbers. And that means you have the following options available for your business usage:

  • Local phone numbers covering Vienna (1x), Graz (316x), Innsbruck (512x), Salzburg (662x) and Linz (732x)
  • Toll-free phone numbers (720x)
  • National phone numbers (800x)
  • Mobile phone numbers supporting two-way SMS and voice (67x)

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100% Compliance

As with all our coverage, Voxbone services in Austria are 100% compliant with all local communications regulations, including GDPR. In other words, we can guarantee long-term reachability and stability of service. This is something that non-compliant providers just can’t do.

You might be surprised to learn the findings of our analysis of the market. It shows that across the industry, providers typically lose as much as 30% of their coverage a year due to issues with compliance. Sure, they may resolve the issue and get it switched back on. But in the meantime, you’re left without service. With Voxbone, you don’t have these issues because your service will never be non-compliant.

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