Everyone, prepare to have your minds blown. I am going to give you the run-down of one of my favorite processes, you know, the one where you become a customer of Voxbone’s.

Why would you want to become a customer of Voxbone’s, you might ask? Well, you would want to become a customer of Voxbone’s because you have a need of inbound telecom services for an already existing or soon-to-be-launched product/service/solution. Because your customers demand top quality and you care about the impact your services have on their business.

Why not go to one of Voxbone’s competitors? Because again, you care about your customers, and we care about you. We care about what countries and services you need, we care about the QoS you need to be able to provide, we care about helping you cost-optimize, we care about getting your products out there and above all, we care about helping you grow your business. See us as your partner, see your account manager as an extension of your own team, but just placed in another office. I am obviously not saying that our competitors do not care, I am very certain they do, but I know for a fact that we care intensely here at Voxbone. When you are pressed, we feel it too, and when you are in crisis, you should see what all your Voxbone people are doing to get you the resolution you need. Not to sound my own horn here, but it is pretty amazing to see it all in action.


Now down to the nitty-gritty of it, what needs to be done before your account manager sends you that e-mail saying that “Congratulations, you are now a Voxbone Customer”?

  1. We need to establish that you actually need our services. We like selling, but we won’t sell you services we do not think you need.
  2. We organize a call to discuss forecasts and your needs, plans and deadlines, etc.
  3. Next steps usually include a free testing period, where you get to test our services for free and also trial our Sandbox API. Here you will see just how intuitive our web portal is. Really, you can do almost everything with this portal – Want to look up an order? Pay an invoice? Purchase/cancel numbers in real-time? Configure the numbers? Block your toll-free numbers from Payphone origination? Check your CDRs? Log a trouble ticket 24/7? Yes, you can! I am telling you, this web portal has me lyrical, it is that
  4. While your technical people are testing our numbers, we go over the legal stuff. We need to ensure that you are aware of, and agree to our minimum commitment of a measly 500EUR (in place to dissuade end-users and to ensure that all our customers have the full attention of our NOC should issues arise. More customers spending smaller amounts take up more of our NOC resources, leaving less for our business customers). Once you understand and agree, you let us know and we validate your account.


Yes, this is it. Is your mind blown yet? No? Well, I appreciate there is very little mind-blowing opportunities in telecoms, but still, there are a few things that still can surprise:

  • We can get you set up on an entry level account (500EUR) within a day if need be. Getting you set-up means account set-up, tested, legalities agreed and your account validated for purchasing. This is not empty bragging or based on urban legends of account managers past. I have managed this feat, as have other colleagues here. We have replicated it many times in the past, we can do it many times again. Most customers are not in such a hurry, so the cycle depends on how fast the customer wishes to move.
  • Once your account is set-up, you can launch deploy our services within 1 working day. The numbers are assigned in real-time, and the only thing delaying a little bit, is the allocation of capacity, this takes a little longer than number allocation as we need to allocate the capacity manually, after first checking your order. Nothing like a trained human eye to help avoid over-subscription!
  • Our API is free and supported in both SOAP and REST. Easy to implement and enables you to keep zero stock, while still secretly giving your customers access to all of ours. Yes, in all of 8000+ area codes!


My rant is getting long here, but if you want to know more or make the leap like our Voxbone Penguins of old, contact me!