You’ve seen free on-net calling offers from, say, mobile operators or within a single company. But what happens when an enterprise telephony provider as ubiquitous Voxbone (really, we have a huge presence) decides to make calls between its numbers zero-rate, for all of the companies in its network?

We’re talking outbound calls to any of Voxbone’s local and national numbers, without additional costs to you. Also, if you receive a call to your Voxbone toll-free number from another Voxbone subscriber, you won’t be seeing charges for that call on your monthly bill. There’s nothing for you to do but watch the savings add up. Now that’s something to talk about.

What’s included

Does that mean international numbers are part of this deal? You bet. Voxbone’s coverage that includes 9,000 area codes in more than 60 countries might as well be your backyard. Whether you use Voxbone for conferencing, contact center capabilities or international dialing, there’s a good chance the calls you’ve been making to other businesses around the world are included in our zero-rate deal. And if a significant proportion of your voice traffic goes to a specific client or partner, tell them to get themselves some Voxbone numbers so you can both enjoy unlimited zero-rate calls!

Check out the recent press release on this zero-rate calling announcement or get in touch with us at to learn more.