Innovation, the Cloud and Your Contact Center

Innovation, like anything relative, is a moving target. It requires relentless pursuit to stay in the first 2.5% of adopters. By definition, it involves challenging the status quo and helping introduce and popularise new ways of thinking.

Within the next three years, 57% of UK contact centers will have moved to the cloud – according to Mordor Intelligence – up from 40% today. That’s Early Majority-teetering-on-Late by any Diffusion of Innovation theory you might care to use.

Ok, so moving your contact center to the cloud isn’t very innovative in 2020. After all, the whole reason the contact center market continues growing at a compound annual rate of nearly 25% is precisely because *everyone* sees the value that as-a-Service brings.

The cloud is the new status quo.

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With Voxbone's cloud SIP trunks, you can instantly extend the reach of your contact center across 93% of the globe.
With Voxbone's cloud SIP trunks, you can instantly extend the reach of your contact center across 93% of the globe.
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But before you go sniffing out the next latest and greatest buzzword, consider this. The beauty of a hosted delivery model is that you’re no longer locked into long hardware or software cycles. It’s also much easier to justify taking risks when you’re dealing with Opex instead of Capex.

Suddenly, it’s much easier for your business and your contact center to stay innovative once you’re in the cloud.

Cloud Contact Center Innovations

So what are some of the recent innovations the cloud has brought to the contact center? This is a topic that’s close to our hearts at Voxbone because there are innovations that we’re has helped bring to the market:

  • Instant Provisioning… On-demand phone number and voice service provisioning, all in real-time. Compared to minimum lead times of a few days all the way up to a few months dealing with legacy carriers.
  • Global Reach… Without a mess of different legacy providers to manage and handhold in every country you need service.
  • Centralized Service Management… Speaking of service, it’s about time you could manage all of the coverage your contact center needs through a single pane of glass.
  • Automated Telecoms… And with APIs that let you integrate and automate your contact center telephony however you need to
  • Accelerated Scale… All of which helps you take your operations further into new markets faster and cheaper than ever before.

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What Does the Next Innovation Look Like?

Ironically considering the proliferation of developer-friendly, API-based cloud comms solutions that are out there, the modern telecoms market still has some way to go before it’s a truly open ecosystem.

But we firmly believe at Voxbone that this is the next big innovation for cloud communications and contact center.

Because when every platform across your comms stack is fully interoperable with any other, that’s when you’ll finally have the control required to fine tune the best-fit solution for your business.

Just as the rising tide lifts all boats, the open ecosystem improves market access for everyone, making it easier to adopt innovative products thanks to the confidence that they will be compatible with existing solutions.

For our part, we’re dedicated to delivering this ideal by ensuring that our telecoms coverage can be easily integrated into any CCaaS or other communications platform you might use.

Check out our current integrations here. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our Avaya integration guide.

With it, you’ll be able to get your Voxbone phone numbers up and running alongside your Avaya contact center in a matter of minutes.

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