There’s been a lot of change at Voxbone over the past 12 months with new products, features and coverage, not to mention the fact that we’ve expanded our team. But one thing that’s remained constant is our ability to underpin the largest communications providers and enterprises with high-quality, compliant and reliable voice and messaging services.

Any business building a communications platform – whether for their own use or for to provide services to their customers – will benefit from integrating Voxbone’s underlying cloud SIP-powered infrastructure and enjoy huge savings on a global scale, as much as halving the cost of their comms compared to using the PSTN. And when Gartner estimates that as much as 40% of the $3.7 trillion 2018 Global IT spend went towards communications, the scope for savings is huge.

76% of leaders and 73% of visionaries in six Gartner MQs use Voxbone

There’s no better proof of our ability to superpower business communications than a look at the number of Voxbone customers that find themselves on Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrants (MQs) for various business communications categories.  Yes, those companies the analyst has selected for their best-in-class solutions overwhelmingly choose Voxbone to take care of the voice and messaging infrastructure layer on which their platforms are built.

Take a look at the table above for the numbers. Specifically, we’re talking about the MQs for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Unified Communications (UC), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS in both North America and Western Europe), Meeting Solutions and Network Services. The thing that the best providers in all these categories has in common? Voxbone.

The majority of companies in six Gartner Magic Quadrants for communications use Voxbone

Whatever your communications use case, build best with Voxbone

Domination of the CCaaS market

Our customers really dominate the Contact Center as a Service category, both in North America and Western Europe, where 80% and 75% of all those included in the respective Gartner Magic Quadrants use our communications services to underlay their offerings.

Companies such as NICE inContact, NewVoiceMedia, Five9, Genesys, Orange Business Services 8×8 and Serenova. Class leading companies that are super-powered by Voxbone.

100% of CCaaS leaders are Voxbone customers

100% of Leaders for UC, CCaaS and Meeting Solutions Magic Quadgrants use Voxbone

Follow the Leader

Across all six MQs combined, the thing that immediately becomes clear is that Voxbone is where the most successful companies go for their communications – the Leaders and the Visionaries who are defined by the completeness of their vision.

Generally in grids like this, you’re shooting for the top right, and you get there by scoring highly on both axes – completeness of vision and ability to execute.
So it really is thrilling that so many leaders come to Voxbone. If we revisit the first table, but narrow it down to focus only on the Leader quadrant, the results are very informative, with 19 of the 25 companies listed in these six categories choosing Voxbone.

Every UC and CCaaS Leader uses Voxbone

So the question is simple, really. If you’re building a communications platform for UC, contact center or conferencing, do you spend time, money and resources on creating your own communications infrastructure layer, or do you simply integrate the voice and messaging services that are already deployed by (nearly) every big communications platform out there?

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