Contact Centers: Think Global, Act Local (by using SIP trunks instead of telephone lines)

Globalization of economies is a reality. Very few large and medium sized companies can survive by selling their products or services in their home country only. Globalization has also driven fierce competition for most goods and services, where selling good quality product at a reasonable price is just not enough anymore. The key to success in today’s global economy is all about winning the hearts of the customer, offering the best possible “Customer Experience.”

Customers want and need to feel valued, that their issues are addressed in the most convenient and engaging way. This is certainly easier said than done, when businesses operate across continents and service hundreds of thousands of people, each with specific languages, values and customs.

Local contact centers have been the traditional solution. Enterprises set them up in the countries where their customers are, so local help can be a quick dial away. But there is a catch, and it comes straight from the company funds. For enterprises that have a truly expansive network, maintaining multiple physical contact center locations is far from cost effective. In addition, products and services have become increasingly more complex requiring support teams with a high level of specialization. This can only be achieved cost effectively by consolidating support centers at international level.

So, how do enterprises balance these two demands – providing the best possible localized, customer experience, while keeping costs as low as possible? This is a very complex matter that requires substantial investment in various domains: CRM software, knowledge management systems, contact center PBX infrastructure, etc. When it comes to telecommunications networks, SIP trunking is an important transport technology service that helps contact centers improve flexibility and provide consolidation while enabling localized support and lower costs.

The whitepaper explores the shift in contact center technology platforms to an as-a-service model in the cloud, or globally centralized on-site deployments using SIP trunking. It also includes a Technology Spotlight, which identifies Voxbone’s role in the (cloud) contact center ecosystem, and how our SIP trunking services enable global enterprise contact centers to optimize customer support, whilst giving it a local touch.