Customer service in your sunnies with voice and SMS in Australia

Some things in this world, like Vegemite, aren’t for everyone. But what about mobile phone numbers? I hear those are popular with the kids these days. Heck, they’re even used for customer support, and you don’t need a local presence to get in touch with callers (or texters) on the other side of the globe. When it comes to local mobile numbers in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve got some exciting news: Voxbone is launching mobile DIDs in the region with both inbound voice and two-way SMS support.

You may have heard about the latest addition to our global network, a new PoP in Sydney that has slashed call latency times in the land Down Under, making Voxbone’s service in the region better than ever. Now businesses have the opportunity to not only receive clear calls but to also send and receive texts to connect with their Aussie and Kiwi customers.

Texting has a bright future in customer support

Mobile capabilities are a growing part of omni-channel customer service with many noted benefits:

  • Compared to a phone call, SMS can be more convenient for the end user. Your customers can get help in the middle of, say, eating a Vegemite sandwich. If they’re into that kind of thing.
  • SMS has a far better open rate than email. Way better. For time sensitive information, texting can be a valuable tool that will likely be read quickly.
  • With the right CRM integrations (e.g., Zendesk), an inbound text could trigger a support ticket with all of the conversation history, saving your agents time when it comes to logging their interactions.

What are you waiting for? Texts sent over Voxbone’s mobile DID numbers (with the prefix 48) are a great way to reach customers in Australia and New Zealand. Our SMS termination services use direct national routes, which are reachable from and give access to the majority of international networks with competitive pricing. And with both SMS and voice capabilities, your customers have the choice to text a reply or get back to you with an old-fashioned phone call–which is still in high demand, by the way.

Porting offer alert!

But wait, there’s more! Porting requests for 10 numbers or more, within Australia and New Zealand, are free of charge if made before September 30, 2017. That’s 10 ported numbers or more at zero cost to you. There’s no better time to get on board with a mobile strategy for customer service in a rapidly growing market. Are you as stoked as we are?