Why offer a toll-free number? For one, it gives your customers the peace of mind that they can reach your business at no cost to them. But these glorious digits also signal to the outside world that your business means, well, business. If you have customers in the Russian Federation, then we’ve got some good news for you.

In addition to our landline and mobile offerings in Russia, Voxbone has now launched toll-free. This means that whether your offices are in Moscow or Milwaukee, your customers can reach out at no cost. So when calls come in for sales, customer service, or any other scenario where voice would be an effective way to do business, you’ll be ready and able to meet their needs.

You’ll also be happy to hear that the same rates apply whether the call is being made to you from a landline or a mobile phone. Considering that mobile phone usage is on the rise, this could mean big savings for your company. And when compared to traditional telephony, setting up a toll-free line is as easy and cost-effective as it gets. Voxbone’s Russian toll-free numbers start with the prefix 800.

Get comrade-ical with Speech Analytics   

Thinking that toll-free numbers aren’t on the cutting edge? Think again. Voxbone’s Speech Analytics can turn your customer service or sales lines into a big opportunity to extract insights from each and every call. We’re talking keyword spotting, customer sentiment and resolution time analysis, automated for all your voice interactions. With readily available integrations built right into the network, Voxbone’s speech-recognition-optimized cloud recorder lets you easily add speech analytics to Voxbone’s trusted DID services.

You speak your customer’s language and so do we. Voxbone’s Speech Analytics is capable of processing 63 different languages and 121 dialects. So for your toll-free numbers in Russia, you do the talking and we’ll deliver the actionable data for you to optimize your customer service and sales interactions.

The World Cup may be coming to Russia this year, but you’ll be able to see some big wins now by activating our Russian toll-free numbers. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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