Get Ready for the Post PSTN Future in Cyprus

We’re always striving to simplify global business communications, to help you think global but speak local. Our PSTN Replacement solution is arguably the most refined distillation of this endeavour. And it’s now available in Cyprus!

In a honey-roasted Cypriot almond nutshell, PSTN Replacement is our most comprehensive voice-based offering in a given country. We think of it as our full-stack telephony solution, as it lets businesses cut the cord on the world of legacy communications and operate all their voice services entirely from the cloud.

At its heart is national termination (local outbound calling) routed in-country to provide the same quality and functionality as legacy carriers in Cyprus.

That means local number presentation (CLI) and dial tone, plus the ability to call any allowed number in the Cypriot national telephone numbering plan, including emergency services. But on top of all that, you also get the cost, scale and efficiency benefits of the cloud.

Essentially, with PSTN replacement you get fully localized two-way voice for your business that lets you cut your carrier cord. The service is made up of:

  • Cypriot local phone numbers in the form of 0800 toll-free and geographic numbers for Famagusta (23), Larnaca (24), Limassol (25), Nicosia (22) and Paphos (26).
  • Domestic calling capability and in-country routing for the best possible quality and latency, not to mention a truly local call experience for prospects and customers thanks to local CLI and dialtone.
  • The ability to dial local emergency services straight from the your Cypriot Voxbone phone numbers, to ensure that end users are able to quickly connect with the nearest Public Safety Answering Point in an emergency, based on their physical address rather than the location of the phone number
  • Portability for your existing Cypriot phone numbers over to the Voxbone network via the same streamlined, standardized, or even automated – with the help of our porting API – process for any other country where you port numbers.

Future Proofed Service

The PSTN is dying. Global decommissioning of the copper-based ISDN networks upon which traditional telephone communications are built is well underway. The future of real-time voice communications lies in SIP trunking, which enables voice to be carried over modern fibre networks instead of copper.

If you have a legacy service, the transition from ISDN to SIP can be a painful, somewhat protracted process. But by choosing a global SIP trunking partner like Voxbone, you don’t need to worry because your voice services are already futureproofed.

We use our own global voice network to transport calls between your locations and your end users. In countries where the PSTN is still up and running, those calls are converted from SIP to ISDN so they can be delivered via the national telephone network.

But as these are phased out and replaced with fibre broadband-based solutions, the SIP standard can be used for the entire call journey. All this happens in the background. Your end users don’t need to know it, they just need to know that they’re getting the best-possible call experience.

Digital Readiness at Scale

We think that PSTN Replacement from Voxbone is a compelling offer, particularly when coupled with Connect, our interconnectivity solution which ensures that calls can be carried between your network and ours via dedicated, private and bandwidth-rich channels – for the utmost quality and security.

But where the proposition gets really irresistible is when you remember just how many countries there are where we offer our full-stack voice offering.

PSTN Replacement is available in more than 35 countries, including the overwhelming majority of the EU, not to mention the UK, US, Canada and Australia. All via a single contract and one monthly invoice, managed centrally via a single pane of glass.

So whether you’re looking for the best local voice presence from the cloud in Cyprus or in 5, 10, 20, 30 or more other high-value business markets, we’ve got your back.

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