Hygge. It’s a great Danish concept, even if we don’t have a word in English that fully captures its meaning.

Cosiness. Warmth. The feeling you get inside when you learn about Voxbone’s new Danish mobile number range, that’s real hygge.

Our mobile service in Denmark was already fantastic, but it gets even better thanks to this new range, which we sourced from a tier-1 network operator.

Now, we are able to bring several exciting capabilities and features to make you feel warm inside.

  • Enhanced quality: The new range is under the numbering plan of a tier-1 network operator in Denmark, which means improved quality of services, connectivity and desirability among end users
  • Better reachability: Improved international reachability for SMS and voice
  • Porting: With this new range, we can offer the ability to port numbers in and out of Voxbone

The best part? No change in the pricing of either our Danish mobile DID numbers or their usage!

Interested in ordering or porting Danish mobile numbers? You can do it now here!

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