Denmark gets the five-star treatment with our full-stack service

The International Monetary Fund estimates Denmark’s economy will be worth US$370 billion in 2018. But in spite of the vast sums of money flowing through the country and surrounding region, it has not traditionally been the best-served market for business communications.

Did you know that Denmark doesn’t have geographic numbers? A relatively small population of 5.7 million means a national numbering plan suffices. But the problem for businesses is that the Danish market has been traditionally underserved by the global telco industry, so they’re left relying on international calling services.

When you compare international calls to in-country national calls, quality and latency are lower because of the more complex routing required, while international number presentation means calls are less likely to be answered.

Luckily Voxbone is here to untangle things and make it strangely simple for you to create a virtual local presence in Denmark.


The full-stack PSTN replacement service

If your business has a presence in the nordics, we’ve got you covered. In fact, the region is a strategic focus for us in the coming months as we roll out the full-stack SIP alternative to the PSTN that you’ve been waiting for.

Because our globe-spanning VoIP network is directly interconnected in Denmark, along with 60+ other countries, we bring it all – national numbers, toll-free numbers and mobile-numbers capable of carrying two-way voice, not to mention our Outbound Calling service that allows you to make in-country calls from anywhere in the world.

They bring 4x higher answer rates with local number CLI presentation and can access Denmark’s entire national calling plan. And our Best-Quality Routing Engine ensures your calls are always routed for the surest path and minimal latency, meaning we can deliver carrier-grade quality and privacy over SIP.

This means you’re no longer reliant on international termination to contact your customers in Denmark. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the PSTN and been unable to find it, today is your lucky day.


Add SMS to the mix

We’ve recently improved our mobile coverage in Denmark with the launch of a new number range that enables us to provide 2-way SMS and voice on the same number.

Because we work with a tier-1 network operator, we can let you port in your third-party mobile DIDs from this new numbering range, so it’s even easier to consolidate your voice and messaging services with Voxbone.

Our SMS service lets you add another string to your CX bow by providing engaging omni-channel experiences that help drive marketing, sales and customer satisfaction, all with one provider.

If you have your own app or platform, you can also use our voice and SMS services to support Unified Communications for the end users in your company.


112 emergency access

On top of all this, we also provide Emergency Services Calling in Denmark, so you no longer need to maintain a PSTN line at your premises solely for 112 access.

Instead, you can add this service to your Danish Voxbone numbers and we’ll route emergency calls to the relevant Public Safety Answering Point based on your physical address.

Your single-source alternative to the PSTN

With all this in our communication stack, it no longer makes sense for you to go anywhere else for your business communications in Denmark. We’re rapidly scaling our PSTN replacement solution to more countries.

It’s already available in 13, including US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and more. We’re currently working to roll it out across the Nordics by the end of this quarter!

Next stop after that? Global domination, as we roll it out to the 60+ countries where our voice services are interconnected.

Do you have a presence in Denmark or the Nordics? Get in touch to learn how to bin the PSTN for a full-stack SIP replacement