Voxbone 2019 Diversity Report Shows Progress Made, Room for Improvement

In 2019, employees are more aware of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) than ever before. As many as 70% of people working in high-tech industries acknowledged reading or hearing about workplace D&I issues over the past 12 months in a recent survey.

For our second annual D&I report, conducted in July, we wanted to see just how things have changed at Voxbone in the period since our first report, while also understanding a bit more about what our staff think about the big issues, as well as who they are.

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So we conducted an internal D&I survey to accompany HR data that formed the basis of our findings, which included:

  • 91.3% of Voxbone employees agree or strongly agree that diversity and inclusion are important to Voxbone.
  • The gender balance of our workforce is unchanged from last year, but more women now occupy management and leadership positions
  • The Voxbone workforce is more geographically diverse than last year, with 39 nationalities represented, up from 34 in 2018

We believe it’s important to share this data, even the statistics that show there is still room for improvement, such as the overall gender split of our workforce. I’m pleased to be able to share our 2019 Diversity & Inclusion report and accompanying infographic.

Check out the highlights below (click the infographic for PDF version)

Diveristy & Inclusion infographic

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