Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Man walks into a bar… Orders compliant voice access to local emergency services, in every EU country that his business operates. Gets just what he came in for. Even has time for a quick drink.

Sounds laughably simple for something so complex right? After all, anyone who has tried to set up pan-European access to local emergency services for their business operations knows this is no simple matter.

Well, that’s no longer strictly true.

Come to Voxbone and you can swiftly set up local Emergency Services Access from the cloud in every major EU market. Yes, I’m pleased to announce we have rolled out our industry-leading service to Austria and Portugal. What’s simple in Portuguese?

With this latest coverage expansion, Emergency Services Access is now available across 25 of the EU 28 (UK just about still counts, for now at least!) with a single cloud provider. And we’re actively working to fill in the last few remaining gaps.

Don’t forget to check out our full coverage.

And because this is us we’re talking about, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get a compliant, quality, stable service that’s second to none. It’s all so easy to set up our on-demand services through our portal.

And you can access voice services in every country you need them through a single SIP connection to really cut down on your implementation and configuration time.

Looking beyond the EU

Why stop with the EU? We also offer Emergency Services Access in other major global markets, including Canada, the US, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. 33 in total!

Much like Kari’s Law, the FCC’s VoIP E911 Regulations and the EU’s requirements for 112; wherever you need a compliant solution that ensures help is easily reachable for staff and consumers, Voxbone should be your first port of call.

We’ll help you port over your existing phone numbers wherever possible so switching is easy as pie.

Don’t limit yourself just to emergency calls. With Voxbone’s two-way voice solution, you can make and receive local calls in 10,000+ municipalities around the world. And we’ll deliver them wherever you like over our industry-leading private global VoIP backbone.

So you can rest safe in the knowledge that your communications are safe, secure and oh-so compliant.

Fancy learning more about how to make sure your business comms remain compliant? Check out our latest guide today

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