When Enterprises Become Carriers

No, this isn’t another New Year’s blog post with an edgy crystal ball prediction about a large multi-national enterprise diversifying into mobile phone services.

Although this wouldn’t be so surprising in the retail arena. Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the world and second largest enterprise by revenue has a partnership with TracFone to distribute an MVNO product, Straight Talk wireless services.

Through out-sourcing, in-sourcing and federations, Enterprises ARE becoming more carrier-like in general and we’ll see more of it in 2015.

Why? I explored this idea in more depth in an article that was published on Wired.com:

Cloud computing, virtualization and UC software have enabled enterprises to benefit from Telco-like economics of scale and efficiencies, and they can now purchase their voice and data services as if they were large carriers. Enterprises are looking at the fork in the road, with one path leading to increased outsourcing, the other to insourcing. Carriers are increasingly focusing on APIs, security, developer outreach and SaaS models to make sure they stay along for the ride for both strategic directions, rather than finding themselves left behind.”

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