Although the use cases for WebRTC are more limited than some had hoped, the fact remains that the technology can add tremendous value to specific applications. This is especially true for enterprise contact centers.

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Some of the most promising use cases for WebRTC in enterprise contact centers include being able to receive support calls from within the browser; the replacement of inbound toll-free numbers; and live video support.

However, a lot still needs to happen in the industry for these use cases to become reality in the near future. In my view, the three primary factors dictating the near-term future of WebRTC are:

  1. If Microsoft’s new browser, Spartan (to be released in S2 2015), supports WebRTC
  2. If the industry giants all support the main video codecs (H.264/265 and VP8/9)
  3. If the quality is sufficient (after all, WebRTC calls are transported over the open Internet)

Do you believe that WebRTC will make the move from a novel technology to a business-related or subscription-based service for contact centers in the next year? Read more about my prediction on my recent blog post on NoJitter. I would love to hear your thoughts as well.