I hope you’re starting 2019 with the same vim and vigour that we are in Voxbone. After a fantastic 2018, we wanted to keep the ball rolling and bring our full-stack corporate telephony solution to more major markets.

That’s why we’re launching this week in Italy and Romania, meaning you now have the ability to cut the cost of your comms by as much as 45% in two more countries.

With these new markets now online, we’re live in 25 countries including US, UK, Germany, France and Australia. That’s in just a year, meaning we’ve been extending our coverage for this solution at a rate of two new high-value countries a month!

With our corporate telephony solution, you get enterprise-grade voice in the cloud that boasts full feature parity with the PSTN – meaning you can:

  • Generate local presence with geographic numbers capable of true domestic calling and the improved answer rates that local presentation brings
  • Port over your existing numbers to maintain continuity of service for your customers
  • Access the relevant local emergency services from your VoIP phone numbers for regulatory peace of mind

All this running on our carrier-grade voice and media backbone, which offers secure and reliable voice and messaging. Because we’re interconnected in every country we operate and fully-compliant with all local services, you can benefit from long-term availability and the best-possible quality – with access points across 4 continents providing you secure connectivity close to the source.

The road to global domination

In just 12 short months, we’ve created an unsurpassed corporate CaaS (Communications-as-a-Service) offering with unified coverage across more markets that matter than you’ll find with any other single provider. All via a single contract.

And because our focus is on making your business communications as simple as possible, getting set up is a breeze, and you can access our full global reach (92% of the world by GDP) through a single SIP connection. No messy technical setup every time you want to launch in a new country.

25 is a nice round number and we’ve made it a point to focus on the markets that really matter, instead of inflating our coverage with countries that offer little business value.

But we’re not planning to rest on our laurels in 2019. Ultimately, our vision is to provide this service in every market where our global backbone is interconnected – the count is currently at 65+.

So stay tuned for more coverage announcements soon!

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