Say Hello to Greece, Puerto Rico, and Slovenia: Full Stack in 30 Countries

What do Greece, Puerto Rico, and Slovenia have in common? No, it’s not just gorgeous coastlines (yes, Slovenia has a nice coastline, google it). It’s that now, with Voxbone, our ‘full-stack’ offering is available in 30 countries, including high-value business markets such as US, UK, Germany, France, Australia… the list sort of goes on. Check out our full coverage.

This means you can ditch the PSTN, or reliance on legacy infrastructure in every one of them. I know, exciting times.

So what is full-stack?

When we say full-stack voice we’re not talking about pancakes. At Voxbone, a countries coverage is defined as ‘full-stack’ once we offer:

Basically, when you have access to full-stack comms in a country of your choice, you can bring all your communications to us, hassle-free, and completely replace the PSTN and say goodbye to PRI. One contract, zero headaches.

What’s special about full-stack?

It’s important to keep in mind the benefits that full-stack communications can bring to a business. Here are just a few:

1) With a full-stack solution, you can replicate the presence and capabilities of a local provider through a cloud-based system, removing the need for any local infrastructure. This means you get your 2-way local calls with full access to national dial plans and local CLIs.

2) Using the cloud for your business comms gives you more flexibility when it comes to providing your services online and virtually.

3) By consolidating your comms into a single global solution you remove the drawn-out administration tasks that come with managing country-specific solutions.

Our latest Innovation: Emergency Calling For Greece

Ensuring on-premise access to local emergency services is a crucial way to keep your users safe, and in many countries, it’s a legal obligation. And, with our solution, you don’t need a legacy landline to remain compliant while providing that all-important capability.

Voxbone automates Emergency Calling and address verification with a powerful compliance API. This lets you rest easy knowing that public-safety answering points will be ready to receive the calls that matter most and instantly know where to send first responders.

But before now this just didn’t exist in Greece. So we had to do it ourselves. Now we can proudly claim that we’re the only cloud comms provider in Greece that offers emergency calling. I know right? Claim. To. Fame.

Interested in trying out full-stack in one of our 30 countries?

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