The second edition of our new monthly initiative featured a SpeedHack, some prizes and lots of swearing.

What’s a SpeedHack, you say? It’s a very fast coding competition where contestants have only a few hours (typically 2) to solve challenges imposed by the sponsors using their technology (or API)


In our case, we gave our contestants 1h to build a small application using our newly launched VoxSMS API and the, now famous, “Midori” chat box that all techies at Voxbone use to communicate and is highly configurable (think of it as an automated Vincent-as-a-service). Combined with Torrey’s programming language, the chat users can create new commands on the fly (eg. checking when the next tram is coming).

At the end of the hour, we have a quick demo session and elect the winners.

We managed to have 9 people each build a small applications in an hour! They ranged from sending chat alerts from the Nagios system to sending the tram schedule and reminders over SMS.

Congrats to the winners:

  • Dirk: Midori Award
  • Mike: Searle Script Award
  • Mahdi: VoxSMS Award & People’s Choice Award!

Thanks to the sponsors (Torrey & Dirk who donated the prizes), to the participants, and to the supporters! More events like these will come.

If you want to see some of the demos, shoot an email to:

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