We’ve recently started a new internal initiative called “Hacked Voxbone”. It’s a monthly concept where the Voxbone techies gather to showcase side projects involving telecom technologies.

The idea behind it is to have a community of tech enthusiasts at Voxbone that gather and present their recent personal creations involving telecom products or even Voxbone products. This can be anything involving telecom APIs, PBXs, SMS, WebRTC, or just web/mobile development. The builder is the only judge.

The goal is to keep the format very flexible and much like an open-source project. The community decides on the length of each session, what time and date it takes place, what is built, and what is presented. Anyone can join as long as they have something to show.

I believe it gives the opportunity for everyone involved to understand the business and products at a larger scale and to play with technologies they would not necessarily interact with in their day-to-day activities at work. It also gives us the time to catch up on what’s new out there and how much we each know about certain technologies.

Our first meeting took place last week over lunch and we shared some pizzas and beverages while I presented the concept of this new community and showcased my first real Voxbone hack. We had a great turnover of over 20 people and many new hacks are lining up for the next edition!

I’m looking forward to see what gets built in the coming weeks and to see where this community will go.

If you are interested in showcasing at our next event, shoot an email to snacar@voxbone.com explaining what you’re currently creating or have created.

Happy people at the first edition of Hacked Voxbone
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