Voxbone Health and Wellbeing Month 2019

Following the success of our first Health and Wellbeing week in 2018, we knew we had to step up our game for 2019. But, what more could we do? You guessed it, so much more! If I had my way 2020 would be Health and Wellbeing YEAR.

Voxbone is not alone in its mission to grow the focus on Health and Wellbeing, according to the 2018 report by CIPD, a survey of 1,021 organizations across the UK found employee wellbeing is on the agenda for over half of the senior leaders’ agendas.

While we make a special effort at Voxbone to shine a spotlight on Health and Wellbeing we also have a range of initiatives and schemes in place to support our employees throughout the year. We have onsite gyms in two of our offices, bike to work schemes, and dedicated Confidential Employee Assistance Programs providing 24/7 support to employees.

With one month to fill, what did we do? Pretty much everything we could possibly think of!

Voxbone on your Feet, 2019

For one whole month, our step competition participants logged and tracked their steps in hopes of being crowns the team with the most steps or the employee with the most steps. And, with these team names, we knew they meant business:

  • Cirque du sore legs
  • Setting the (Vox)bar
  • Operational Unicorns
  • Holy Walkamolies
  • Your Pace or Mine

The total number of steps for the month was a whopping 12,067,794. Teams were so dedicated they even brought their Voxbone pedometres on holiday.

Voxbone Pedometres

The Voxbone Way – Jump Right In

We all know the classes that get people pumped, we learned this last year. We know people want to sweat it out in a HITT class or strike a pose in yoga, and we did, no doubt. But, we also challenged our employees to think outside the norm (we’re a little weird at Voxbone, didn’t you know?) and come up with new and unique ways to get their blood pumping and their feet moving.

So, given all this freedom what did our employees come up with? Sound Healing, Meditation, trampolining and rocking climbing, just to name a few. Some of our London team even braved a 7 am Soul Cycle (We’re still not sure why).


The ‘other side’ of Health and Wellbeing.

Running, jumping, and backflipping is all well (get it?) and good, but we also wanted to help our colleagues learn how to take better care of themselves. We organized a Chrono nutrition workshop in Brussels to help educate our employees on food, in London, we held an introduction to meditation to help manage stress and shared fun and healthy recipes.

Health and Wellbeing is holistic, including Body and Mind. Right now, there are 300 million people suffering from depression according to the World Health Organization.

So, we can assume this affects not only our friends and family but also our colleagues and desk mates. Even with our Confidential Employee Assistance Programs, we know we can do more, and the ‘other side’ of Health and Wellbeing is going to be our Voxbone for 2020.

Think you will fit in with this weird bunch? Check out our careers page to see a list of current openings.