How to Manage Scalable Comms in the Current Climate

With the current pandemic still just about keeping the business world on-hold, the potential of an upcoming recession looms ever-closer.

With that, quality, scalable business comms are more important than ever, as companies attempt to be as cost-efficient and adaptable as possible.

But plenty of people will argue that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to global business comms without exponential costs. Or is there?

3 Challenges – 3 Solutions

In my webinar that took place before the pandemic, I took a look at companies that have been using voice at the core of their business strategy and how cloud-based comms has helped them scale to new markets.

But if you are running platforms globally already and you’re looking to find savings while maintaining your services in the current climate, there are still ways you can do this that you might not have thought about.

There are 3 main challenges you’re going to see when trying to manage scalable comms globally. We went through them in a recent blog, but as a follow-up, I wanted to provide some solutions to those who are finding those problems amplified by the current global climate.

Challenge: Compliance

As most people are aware, there are compliance requirements for telecoms use, and not only do these vary quite significantly around the world but they are constantly changing.

If you don’t conform to these requirements, you risk the penalty of having these services removed in these countries, which is an increasingly common sight we see in the comms space these days. This is even truer now with new emergency numbers coming on-board weekly.

Solution: Compliance-as-a-servive

New regulators are pretty much guaranteed to all have different requirements. They’ll also probably want things in different formats and uploaded to different places.

By getting a supplier to take care of handling the regulators themselves (or, as we call it, offer Compliance-as-a-Service), then all you need to do is upload the documents to your provider and let them handle the rest.

One benefit to Voxbone for example is our compliance API where you get a straightforward way to amalgamate all this complexity into a single interface.

What a supplier should provide is, a clear list, separated by country and service, of all the paperwork you need – and, ideally, any templates of documents you’ll need to fill in. All this should be available on-demand, so you can take care of the paperwork for any given market long before you launch your product there.

Then you can integrate those requirements into your own product effortlessly, meaning that whether you or your customers are the ones doing the calling, all the usual regulatory hurdles will melt away.

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Challenge: Infrastructure Management

Managing a global communication infrastructure can take up an awful lot of time, especially when emergencies take place and problems occur. In general, you’re going to have challenges with things like:

  • Keeping Physical connection serviced
  • Managing your estate remotely
  • Managing IP addresses and numbers

Solution: Online Failover Capabilities

One of the biggest challenges large businesses will be facing right now is having access to physical locations when connections need to be serviced. So aspects of managing that during something like the current COVID-19 pandemic is going to be complex.

But one aspect of enterprise businesses with comms on a large scale is that they tend to have more office locations than they have technical support. So when it comes to technical faults with a particular location, they might have to wait hours or days before they get the technical support on-site.

The solution is having the capability to manage any potential comms failures remotely, online.

So for example, say one of your data centers goes offline because of a physical connection fault. With a traditional setup, you might need to wait a long time for technical support staff to access the location and resolve the issue. But with something like Voxbone’s online portal, where resilience is configured with auto-failover routes, if you ever had a failure, where you lose a data center, you could use the portal and manually re-route the calls.

Challenge: Handling Multiple Suppliers

If you’re looking into ways to save money on your comms, you’ve probably looked into how you can cut down on the number of suppliers you’re using. You might even have already realized that there are very few options when it comes to getting a single central contract for global communications.

Right now, if you have providers in various countries to connect with your platform your billing or finance team will have an awful lot of contracts and paperwork to sort through and your IT team will have a lot of due diligence on their hands when it comes to making sure security is looked after in these regions.

Solution: Vendor Consolidation

Having one supplier for your comms means that you might not even need to change supplier, or find a new supplier every time you look to adjust your comms capabilities.

This lets you do things like scale to new markets overnight without having to port numbers or find a way out of your existing contracts. And with a single carrier to take care of all your coverage needs, you’ll eliminate all the pricey overheads that come with multiple contracts and paperwork.

That’s an enormous saving in resources and makes your comms adaptable to your business growth, things you can’t afford to lose out on in the current climate.

That’s the kind of power and scale that Voxbone can offer your business – whether you provide communications or just need them to grow alongside your main product set.

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