Insights Beta: Real-Time Intelligence On Your Calls

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of Voxbone Insights, a new tool that aims to give you more visibility into how you or your customers are using our services.

Our power users have often asked us for more data so we decided to let you see what we see: we’re talking real-time insights into your capacity usage, call times, average duration of calls, success rates, dropped calls, usage breakdowns, spend and much more.

You can slice and dice the data in a number of ways, to get a picture by service, feature, date, or region.

For example, delve into your spend per service for each region of the world to get clarity on precisely where your hotspots are for each of our services and where you can optimize your spend. Or break down your usage by date to see how the picture changes over time and see if those peaks and troughs are where you expect them to be.

The data is at your fingertips, all through one easy-to-use and incredibly attractive dashboard (props to our UX team!).

You can even get personalized insights into call success rates over time. Together with data from your CRM, this will enable you to create a powerful and accurate image of the success of any outbound call campaigns you’re running.

Voxbone Insights beta launch

Make The Right Choices for Your Business Communications

With Voxbone Insights, you’ll:

  • Know when and how your usage grows so you know when to unlock additional channel capacity
  • Optimize your costs by understanding where or when you are not fully utilizing our services, so you can take appropriate steps to ensure you are only paying for what you need
  • Identify issues as they arise and uncover the cause of any problems at the click of a button.
  • Leverage Insights to discover best practice and report to stakeholders with ease using customizable exports (coming soon)

We’ll be rolling out Insights over the coming months, so stay tuned for more.

Interested in skipping the queue? Get in touch to sign up for beta access