Now with Russia, Voxbone’s coverage is bigger than ever

Voxbone’s coverage has just sized up to include Russia. Is this a big deal? Yep. After all, it’s only the world’s most expansive country. For businesses looking to expand their reach or establish a local presence, there’s a whole lot more ground to cover these days with Voxbone. Check out the full announcement here.

We’re talking local landline numbers in 78 cities including Saint Petersburg and Moscow. You’ll have access to customer calls from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Whether it’s support or sales, conferencing or call tracking, Voxbone is giving more businesses a voice in more area codes than ever. Where else can you get mobile numbers in Beijing? Two-way SMS in the Dalmatian Coast? Do you have access to high quality speech analytics with your DIDs?

Now with landline coverage in Russia, Voxbone continues to help customers navigate the Siberian snowstorm that is global telephony.

From Russia with love

If having local phone numbers in the cloud wasn’t cool enough, check out the international prefix: +7, also reachable by dialing… wait for it… 007. Numbers. Local numbers. That’s the ticket for establishing a local presence and extending your business’s reach to the biggest and busiest markets in Russia.

While it doesn’t supply gadgets or secrets to any double agents, Voxbone does enable growing business looking to extend their reach. DIDs are a great way to establish a presence with a huge potential for new international customers. This is why we’re making global communications less of a plan concocted by a mastermind Bond villain and more of a simple solution that works with just a few clicks. When it comes to the complications of traditional telephony, maybe it’s time to just live and let die.

Want to learn more about DIDs in Russia? Read the press release on our expansion into Russia.

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