Latvia gets National Calling and Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Our coverage in Latvia just got a whole lot better with not one, but two launches. National Calling AND toll-free phone numbers for your conferencing and contact center needs.

With these additional components, you or your customers can create fully local voice and SMS presence in the Baltic country.

Because we’re a national operator in Latvia, you can rest assured that our services are 100% compliant. So you enjoy guaranteed long-term stability, quality and reliability.

Check out our Latvia coverage page for our full list of services

National Calling for Sales and Marketing Outreach

We’ve also enabled National Calling on our Latvia business phone numbers. So you can make local calls that are routed in-country. Because we’re fully interconnected with the Latvian national network, we can deliver many benefits compared to international calling services:

  • Best-Quality Routing: Calls to Latvia phone numbers are routed locally, so they never leave the country. This minimizes the number of hops required to deliver the call. It also ensures the best-possible call experience for both parties in terms of quality, latency and security
  • Reachability: Because we route these phone calls in country, we are able to guarantee that they can reach any destination in Latvia’s telephone numbering plan. This includes special numbers and short codes.
  • Local Presence Dialing: Calls present with CLIs in the correct national format. This means they’re more effective for sales and marketing outreach. In fact, our research estimates that local calls command 3-4x higher answer rates than those made from international numbers.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers for Contact Centers and Conferencing

At the same time, we’re launching shiny new toll-free Latvia phone numbers.

If you’re a regular, you’ll know we’re in the final sprint of bringing toll-free access to every EU member state. That’s in addition to high-value markets across the rest of Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

Our toll-free Latvia phone numbers are perfect for contact center customers pursuing high-quality customer experience. They also fit the bill for conferencing platforms in need of local freephone access for their end users.

Latvian toll-free phone numbers carry the prefix 80XXXXXX.

Business Phone Numbers for Local Presence in Latvia

These new services join our current extensive coverage in the country. It’s worth noting that, since 2016, Latvia does not maintain geographical numbers.

Instead, you can assign public fixed numbers to any address in Latvia. We currently offer the following services in the country:

  • Voxbone Voice on public fixed Latvia phone numbers (6XXXXXX) and toll-free phone numbers (80XXXXXX)
  • Voxbone Mobile enabling two-way SMS on our true mobile phone numbers (2XXXXXX)
  • International and National Outbound Calling capabilities
  • Automated number porting
  • Fax support

We’re currently working to bring Emergency Calling to Latvia. Then we can offer our full-stack, enterprise-grade voice offering in the country. Stay tuned for more announcements very soon!

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