At Voxbone we’ve grown fast and furious over the past few years. We have opened new offices in Dublin, Singapore and doubled our London team in 24 months. While it’s great to grow as a business we know our employees need to grow too. Without their knowledge, skills and development we will fail to grow.

Employee learning and development is a top priority of every business – or so we hear. But in reality, it’s often an empty promise on a job description and an annual fight for budget and justification. I’ve sat in conferences, collected the tote bag and walked away feeling tired, overloaded with information and with a slight feeling of panic – how do I implement this knowledge into my role immediately?

As we grew I kept seeing the same struggles. From onboarding training, to our employees having to give up opportunities to learn because what we could offer just did not fit into their lives. I know learning and development aren’t one size fits, so I thought rather than expecting our employees to change, why don’t we change.

Let’s be as flexible and agile as we expect our teams to be.

We needed a solution where we could automate, and standardize the content we are sharing, on a platform that our employees felt looked like ‘us’.

Introducing Voxbone Academy – Inhouse, Flexible Training and Development

Voxbone Academy is our first in-house learning management platform (LMP) and honestly, at first, I thought ‘what the heck took us so long?’ And then I realized the timing and maturity of our business were key.

We wanted to launch a platform that would give better and easier access to a large variety of training created by our own experts, employees and training industry professionals. We identified our training as ‘mandatory’ and ‘awareness.’ This way we felt fully protected when launching mandatory policy training but also sharing the training responsibility and ownership with our employees. We wanted to create a partnership where the possibilities to learn were limitless.

From the Lightbulb Moment to Launch

We had a vision, a focus and a plan. What we needed next was an industry solution that would allow us to stay true to us, and deliver the best learner experience for our employees. We found a tool that matched our business requirements and was received well by the testing teams. We worked with Docebo to create Voxbone Academy.

Once we started using and managing the tool within our own team we knew we made the right choice, and testing with key stakeholders and conducting in-depth research was worth the time.

The Future is Only as Bright as the Content

Prior to launch, we developed a library of content that was tried and tested by our pilot group. Doing this gave an opportunity to gather feedback and adapt as needed. And we’re excited to continue to develop a stable, tried and trusted learning journey in partnership with our employees.

In 2020, we will increase the training offerings, work with different departments to create courses, communicate fresh content frequently, and customize and launch the Voxbone Academy App. We can’t wait.

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