That’s not a call. This is a call. Soon folks within Australia and New Zealand will be able to make latency-free calls, thanks to an additional PoP (point of presence) in Voxbone’s coverage area. As described in a recent press release, this new gateway in Sydney will drop latency down to an estimated 20ms, which is the typical delay times for traditional, fixed PSTN lines. It’s also too short to be detected by the human ear, which means better-sounding connections for calls made using Voxbone’s numbers.

Phoning the future

For companies looking to replace their traditional telephony services in the region, this is great news. Voxbone customers can get toll-free numbers in both Australia and New Zealand. Virtual landline numbers are available for 20 key New Zealand area codes, plus 140 major cities in Australia. (You can get AUS mobile numbers too!) The new Australian PoP will be fully operational as a preview to select customers on May 15, 2017, and it will be generally available by the end of June.

Voxbone’s network of SuperPoPs already delivers a high quality of service with a geographically redundant backbone spanning across North America, Europe and Asia. Now with an additional node in Australia, Voxbone continues to deliver crystal clear connections made though the cloud, in more corners of the world than ever. With lower costs and less complexity, PSTN replacement not only looks good on paper, but it will also sound great over the phone.

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