Back in January I talked about the Voxbone team and what makes them so unique, maybe even a little weird. Little did I know things were about reach a whole new level. There’s as much complexity in global communications than ever, and yet it’s never been more simple for Voxbone to get its customers set up and delivering services. In the cloud, via API, through local landlines and 2-way SMS–it’s amazing how fast and easy it can be to make connections happen for growing businesses around the world.

Here come the untanglers

Do you have a drawer full of old phone chargers and other cables that you don’t even want to look at because they’re twisted around in knots? Now imagine if each of those had a different adaptor for every country. With different regulations on how to use each one. Bah. This is the state of global telephony as we know it.

But there’s hope out there. From department to department, team to team, Voxbone’s people love untangling the knots and ironing out the wrinkles. If you’re peering down the rabbit hole of international providers, getting started can seem like a treacherous feat. But if you were to jump in headfirst you’d find Voxbone’s strangely obsessed at every step of the way, from legal compliance issues to interconnects, global carriers and more. We’re all mad here.

Straight lines for a flatter world

We’ve come a long way so far. Voxbone can offer a local presence in more than 9,000 cities in 60+ countries worldwide. Don’t forget about number portability in 45 countries. Emergency calling in 30. Voice recording and click-to-call. All this fully automated through our web-based platform and APIs. With more services than ever, Voxbone has been working hard in the background. With a new logo and website, however, it’s time to take center stage.

So far in 2017, Voxbone has supported more than 150 million unique callers from around the world. We’re now at 30 million unique callers per month–the usage keeps growing. It’s never been simpler for growing companies to move their telephony to the cloud, and the numbers show that this trend isn’t stopping soon. As announced in a recent press release, Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld explains our mission and why the need for our services are in such high demand:

“If you’re dealing with telecoms in multiple countries, whether as a cloud provider or multinational company, you know the truth, it’s a mess. The headaches consist of thick telecom contracts, multiple currencies, insane lead times, obscure invoices, lack of tools or APIs and country-specific regulation. We’re here to untangle this for you and give you instant access wherever your business needs to be.”

What lies ahead

From pricing to porting, APIs to a PoP in AUS, Voxbone’s making things strangely simple for customers, connecting them to more parts of the world, with less hassle. But just because things are simpler doesn’t mean that we aren’t staying ahead of the curve. With new services like Speech Analytics and more coverage including mobile numbers in China, it’s strange how easy it can be to make communications work for businesses around the world. 

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