Building Voice Presence with ITFS in the Middle East

To mark the latest expansion of Voxbone’s toll-free number coverage into Jordan, Qatar, and Egypt, we’re taking a look today at how businesses can quickly build a footprint with ITFS in the Middle East.

Voxbone now provides ITFS (international toll-free service) in six countries — Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Israel — with more regional launches coming soon.

Particularly for international businesses looking at new scaling opportunities, there’s never been a better time to consider opening up your operations beyond the traditional markets of Europe and America.

Looking towards the Middle East, the current lows in oil prices present a strategic opportunity to many businesses.

Others may be attracted by economic forecasts suggesting the global recession will be felt less severely in many parts of the region than some more economically mature markets closer to home, possibly as a result of the swift and stringent actions taken to limit the spread of COVID-19.

But the intention of this blog isn’t to try and sell you on a shift in business strategy in the space of two paragraphs. Only you know if the Middle East has growth opportunities for your business.

Instead, our aim is to consider very briefly how you can quickly establish a virtual presence in the region.

Out With the Old Way of Doing Business…

Taking your business to a new region of the world can be years in the planning and even longer in execution. Especially in the traditional sense of establishing a physical presence.

From building an understanding of the market and a subsequent business case, to laying the legal and financial groundwork, then gearing up for operations – acquiring offices, staffing up, marketing your presence in the region…

It can take years and vast quantities of capital investment before revenue starts to trickle in.

But the proliferation of mature cloud solutions has done away with the need for all of that and presents businesses today with a rapid viable path to market in almost any location around the globe.

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Saudi Arabia Toll Free Numbers

…In With the New Communication

With modern cloud comms solutions, it is possible to establish a voice presence in the Middle East in just a few minutes. This holds true for both of our two major audiences on this blog: providers of voice services and corporations consuming them.

Middle East ITFS for Voice Providers

Providers can quickly offer compliant service in the Middle East without ever stepping foot in the region by working with a provider like Voxbone. We’ve taken the time and laid down the significant investment required to build a high-quality international toll-free service (ITFS) that covers a growing number of countries in the region.

All you have to do as a Voxbone customer to add coverage in a new country is provision phone numbers in real time – either through our online platform or via API – then follow our clear guidance to fulfil any regulatory requirements for a given country.

Corporations using ITFS in the Middle East

The key differentiator here is that we’re talking about ‘virtual’ presence rather than ‘physical’.

Once it may have been a pale imitation of the real thing, due to inferior tech and cultural predilections of businesses and consumers. But that’s no longer the case. In a post-COVID landscape where individuals have limited desire or ability to travel in their immediate vicinity let alone around the world, virtual is the new normal.

Circling back to the traditional path to market for businesses, even before establishing your local presence, you’d be looking at spending thousands of dollars to complete a comprehensive market analysis and establish the viability of a region like the Middle East. Working with legal experts, consultants and analysts – all no doubt billing by the hour.

Measuring Market Viability for the Pennies

Once of the most exciting use cases we see among our cutting edge corporate customers is the use of ITFS as an incredibly cost-effective means of measuring demand for their products and services in a new market.

Take one leading electric vehicle manufacturer on our books. They decided the quickest way to learn where they should build local sales operations next was to set up toll-free lines and start taking preorders while building brand awareness in potential new markets.

For the cost of a few dollars a month, they can set up a new toll-free number in a new country in minutes. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the phone to ring and paying a low per-minute fee for each call received — which more than pays for itself if any turn into viable leads. The acquisition cost of these leads is orders of magnitude lower than in other marketing and sales channels.

So whether you need direct call routes from the region into your contact center or conferencing platform, regardless of their location, our high-quality international toll-free numbers are all you need to get started.

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