We’re hitting a massive mobile milestone this week with the launch of SMS services in Italy!

By adding the land of focaccias, Fibonacci and football, we now offer mobile numbers and two-way SMS in 25 countries!

Among the notable names on the list are the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Russia, China, Australia and  Vietnam, not to mention the majority of the EU.

Bringing mobile to 25 countries is just the start for Voxbone.”

Matt Brown, VP of Product at Voxbone

Partnering with a tier-one provider for our Italian numbers ensures that we can offer the best-possible quality and reachability. As with all of our mobile numbers, they are enabled for two-way SMS and are perfect for several use cases, including:

  • Omni-channel customer engagement
  • Masked number messaging for sharing economy apps and platforms
  • Enterprise mobility

Conquering challenging markets

Matt Brown, VP of Product at Voxbone, explains our mobile USP.

“Bringing mobile to 25 countries is just the start for Voxbone. Our mission is to untangle the messy web of global business communications, and the recent addition of Italy to our mobile portfolio is just another example.

Italy, China, Russia — our job is to unlock the most difficult markets for our customers and make it strangely simple for businesses to scale their communications globally, on demand, with a single provider.”

What’s next?

Don’t worry, we have no intention of resting on our laurels. Despite reaching this major marker, our roadmap for new mobile coverage is still packed full of exciting new territories, with a strategic focus on the APAC market.  Stay tuned…

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