Say hello to my little friend – yes that’s right, it’s a brand-new version of our SMS platform. And what an update this is, bringing a set of upgrades that is just the first in several planned releases as we look to enhance our SMS service and give you the features that you’ve told us you want from your messaging platform.

What do we have in store for you?

  • Enhanced security: We’re taking steps to make things even more secure by disabling outdated cryptographic protocols. From this point onwards, our SMS REST endpoint will now only support TLS v1.2 and above.
  • Long SMS management through REST API: As you’re no doubt painfully aware, GSM standards set the maximum length of SMS at 160 characters – or less, depending on the alphabet used. But if you’re using our REST API to send messages, fear not, you can send longer texts and our platform will automatically manage their segmentation before sending them to the required destination.

Learn more about this new feature by taking a gander at our SMS API documentation over on our developers portal.

What can you do with our mobile service?

  • 2-way messaging for customer engagement: SMS lets you take the customer conversation in new directions by providing an engaging omni-channel experience to drive marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. And with Voxbone, you can do this all over the world with a single provider.
  • Number masking: With our mobile DID numbers, you can engage in voice and SMS conversations without exposing end user phone numbers. This is perfect for on-demand platforms matching users and service providers. Think Uber, Airbnb, Foodpanda.
  • Unified Communications: Voice and SMS through a single application makes it possible for end users to call and text as if they are using their own SIM card number, all seamlessly through your app. With our mobile DID numbers, available across dozens of countries, you become their global communications provider, delivering local experience and pricing wherever they are.

Whether you’re running a contact centre offering, providing cloud communication services or supplying cloud PBX solutions, our mobile voice- and SMS-enabled numbers will help you build the most reliable, regulatory compliant service for your customers..

Already a customer? Configure SMS links in our platform now! Otherwise, get in touch if you’re interested!

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