Mobile World Congress: Making waves in Barcelona

As you’re probably aware, Mobile World Congress is a giant event for the mobile world. There was some larger-than-life tech on display this year–if you could get to it! Being such a huge conference (with 108,000 attendees at the premier event), all of the zones inside were heaving with people. That just goes to show that if you’re anyone who’s anyone in the mobile space, you have to be there.

I was particularly interested to see the latest developments in use cases for mobile numbers and 2-way SMS. There were plenty of exciting examples where Voxbone’s mobile numbers could come in handy, from international SIMs, to connected cars and on-demand services. New technologies that could use Voxbone’s mobile numbers are popping up all the time, whether they would be used to protect user privacy, extend a global reach and localize customer experience, or for A2P to send SMS alerts.

Beyond that, the conference was full of pioneering tech and I wanted to check it out. I saw examples of connected cars from Mercedes and incredible drones being used to create small cell networks, essentially temporary base stations, to boost 4G coverage and reduce “not-spots” during events. Although there was an example of a drone flying dangerously close to a ceiling display full of tassels! Thankfully both tassel and drone escaped unscathed.

Of course, no reflection on this year’s Mobile World Congress could be complete without mentioning the announcement that took the conference (and internet) by storm: the rebirth of the Nokia 3310. Everyone was going crazy for this new phone–it definitely received a boost to interest with a clever dose of nostalgia marketing.

From the redesign of old tech to brand new announcements, it was also great to be exposed to so many developments in the 5G, IoT and VR space and see how these elements factor into delivering a new and improved user experience. With the next Mobile World Congress Americas event happening in San Francisco later this year, I’m excited to see how things progress in the short time between now and then!

Despite being at the event for almost the whole duration, planning every move I made, I came away thinking, “I’ve not even seen half of it!” For anyone attending next year, or even later in 2017, my advice would be to plan your time there carefully, and book all of your meetings in advance. Navigating the conference is a mission in itself, so make sure you get a map and know where you need to be.

It’s big and loud and teeming with people, but it is 100% worth attending. Like I said, anyone in the mobile game needs to be there. This is the place to be to get a preview of what is happening and who is up-and-coming in the industry.