With more ways than ever to connect–from chat to social media and even SMS–customer service is still likely to start with a phone call. Even before they get you on the line, a customer’s first interaction will be looking up the phone number itself. That number should be toll-free, right? Toll-free numbers are a familiar channel for customers to reach companies that serve them. They say to the customer, “You can call me for help and it won’t cost you a penny.” They also signal that you have a dedicated support line in their country, one they can use to reach an agent right away. E-mail-only customer service is a red flag if you ask me.

Easier said than done, though. Don’t you need to deal with the costs and complexities of local telcos in order to offer a toll-free line? Nope. Voxbone offers local, toll-free virtual numbers in dozens of countries that can help you serve your customers, even if they’re on the other side of the globe.

In South Africa, customers will expect to see the familiar 0800 prefix. So, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently launched toll-free numbers in the Rainbow Nation. Voxbone’s coverage in South Africa, which already includes national numbers (country code 27), as well as 24 different city codes from Pretoria (12) to Cape Town (21), now includes toll-free numbers that can connect customers to agents anywhere in the world.

What you’ll need to know

At Voxbone we handle the complexity of international telephony, and this means following regulations in the 60+ countries in our coverage area. For this reason, we’ll ask for a name, proof of address and business registration number for all toll-free numbers purchased for Voxbone. That’s it. You won’t need to deal with a tangled network of local providers. All it takes are virtual numbers from Voxbone to put your growing company on the fast track to global domination.

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