Never mind the stars: Reach for the Cloud Contact Center

Thanks to the internet, the world is shrinking.

Only a few decades ago, the resources required to expand into new countries and regions were astronomical compared to today. The interconnectivity of today’s environment is opening new markets across the globe, so companies are making the move at a significantly faster pace.

To support these new markets, companies must make smart choices to quickly link their global customer service teams to their local customers. This might require something a little bit different to what their playbook has called for in the past. That’s why many turn to cloud contact centers to offer regional support without having to invest in physical infrastructure.

Take LiveOps Cloud, for example, which uses the internet to intelligently route work to sales and customer service agents no matter where they are. Any customer support agent who leverages LiveOps Cloud’s software is handed all the tools they need to provide maximum service, in the cloud.

Or TCN, who offers its cloud contact center solution at the highest cost efficiency possible through its unique web portal.

The key to the success of companies like LiveOps Cloud and TCN is their ability to offer local numbers to agents on demand, in any location (except maybe the moon…space agents don’t exist just yet!). As the appearance of locality is critical to any customer support service, without those numbers they risk alienating customers. That’s why they work with Voxbone to keep their service running smoothly on a global scale.

You can learn more about how Voxbone helped improve the global reach of TCN and LiveOps Cloud by providing local, high quality phone numbers in over 9,000 cities across the world in these articles, published on Call Center Times and Telecom Reseller.