Nordic Phone Numbers: Always Available, Always Reliable

If your business is planning to expand into the Nordic region, or you’re already there and trying to reduce your operational costs, you’ll invariably need to turn your attention at some point to communications.

When it comes to scaling communications to multiple countries, especially in regions of the world where you might not be based, cloud solutions can now provide you with the functionality of legacy carriers in addition to the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the as-a-service aaS model.

But not all cloud solutions offer the same depth of coverage, reliability or functionality. So it pays to do your homework. Many of the things that you may take for granted when dealing with traditional carriers won’t’ be true of certain cloud providers.

Local Nordic Phone Numbers

Voxbone provides full-stack telephony services in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Sweden, which means you can fully replicate legacy carrier functionality from the cloud. We have local, national, toll-free and mobile phone numbers in the country and offer both international and national calling capabilities, automatically routed for best-possible quality.

As a result, you can use your virtual phone numbers in Norway to make or receive calls to and from any number in the country’s national dial plan, including special numbers such as local emergency services. And these local calls will be indistinguishable from one you might make using TDC, Telenor Group or Telia Sonera, with local ringtone and caller ID presentation.

But unlike dealing directly with multiple incumbents in each country, using the Voxbone network gives you the benefit of rapid deployment times with on-demand provisioning, automation tools for easier service management, plus a single contract and monthly invoice to reduce the administrative burden on your legal and finance teams.

If you’re interested in moving to the Voxbone network, we can also support number porting in Norway, allowing you to keep your old phone numbers and move them onto our platform. In addition, we offer SMS and fax support, so whatever your telephony needs in Norway, we have you covered.

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Compliance: The Long-Term View

Another major differentiator between Voxbone and other cloud providers is our insistence on compliance. We’re seeing a ‘wave of regulatory tightening’ across Europe and Asia that is only going to intensify as authorities attempt to bring cloud plays under the same levels of scrutiny as legacy carriers.

And our position has always been to stay ahead of this wave rather than falling in its wake. In times when regulatory issues were less of a common occurrence, a Voxbone customer or two had been known to complain that our insistence on compliance was an unnecessary burden.

Well there are two things to say in response to that. Firstly, we are committed to the belief that compliance is the only way to ensure long-term availability and continuity of service. And secondly, we’ve launched a number of tools and APIs to streamline the process of ensuring compliance.

Read more about our Emergency Calling API beta here

Long-Term Availability

These days, any cloud provider worth its salt is built on solid tech. The proliferation of global, reliable and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (think AWS) has seen to that. So any cloud communications provider you approach can talk until the cows come home about their network availability and reliability.

Same goes for redundancy, failover and all those other lovely terms that tend to give businesses heart palpitations. All this is great for ensuring real-time availability of service in the seconds, minutes and hours. It really is. But what about the longer-term picture? The weeks, months and years? No amount of geo-redundant routing will help you if your communications provider is blocked from offering service by a country’s regulators.

No, the only way to really be confident of long-term availability is by ensuring compliance with all local regulations.

Compliant phone numbers for any platform

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to do this, no matter your communications platform of choice. If they give you the option to Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), you are able to exercise control over which SIP trunking provider you use – and avoid regulatory issues – by choosing the one that’s compliant.

In this way, you can extend the functions and features of your favorite communications platforms to more markets, safe in the knowledge that when Nkom or any other regulator takes action, your provider won’t be among those losing their coverage.

Voxbone operates a compliant, globe-spanning voice network with service in 65+ markets that together make up 93% of global GDP.

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