Are DID numbers from India finally available?


We now provide Indian toll-free phone numbers in addition to local phone numbers for major cities and area codes across the country. Read more here or check out our India coverage page for more.

Original Article:

Over the last couple of months, we have seen several VoIP providers announce that they now offer DID services in major Indian cities. This gives the impression that offering DID services in India has finally been authorized by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT).

The answer to the above question is negative. Since Indian DID numbers are frequently requested by our customers, Voxbone has been following up on changes in telecommunication regulation in India through a local counsel. We, along with our customers, have long awaited these changes, and at several times during recent years, they seemed imminent. However, the use of geographical numbers for Internet Telephony is explicitly forbidden to this very day.

Should you have any doubt about this fact, then this recent video will enlighten you on the possible consequences for service providers offering DID services illegally:

The bottom line is that if quality and long-term sustainability of your Indian telecommunication service is a primary concern, we advise you to wait until the region’s telecommunication regulations finally change.

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