O say can you cell? Our US mobile numbers are the real deal

In these days of #fakenews and alternative facts, it can be difficult knowing what to believe. Well, here’s something you can hang your hat on. Our new US mobile numbers are the real deal. That’s right, true cellular range numbers in the good ol’ US of A, instead of geographical numbers enabled with SMS. They’re the genuine article. Accept no substitutes.

Key facts to know about our new US mobile capabilities

  • The new numbers can accept and respond to SMS sent from short codes, making them compatible with registration and 2FA verification platforms and can reply to short code texts, such as appointment and delivery confirmations or support tickets.
  • We’re starting with 20 of the major city area codes including NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles – as we expand across the country, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like us to launch in a specific city sooner rather than later.
  • You’ll soon be able to port your existing US mobile numbers to Voxbone, meaning you can use numbers from your existing carrier for VoIP, from anywhere in the world. Better yet, we’re working with our partner to be able to migrate those ported numbers into the wireless range.

Feel the buzz ringing ’round the world

Our network of mobile numbers has expanded in a BIG way this year with notable launches in China and the US, among others. We’ve got cell-phone focused services ready and waiting for you in China, Finland, the Netherlands and Norway – you’ll be hard-pressed to find these anywhere else.