No Tricks, Just Treats: New Coverage In Turkey and Bulgaria Plus Brand New Features

Hallowe’en might be fast approaching, but the only thing we’re finding scary is how hard Voxbone’s Product team has been working this month. We’ve outlined a little sample of the coverage and features they’ve released in recent weeks below, and we hope you’re as excited as we are.


Full-stack, PSTN-replacing coverage in Turkey

We’ve just introduced domestic outbound calling capabilities in Turkey. That means full dial plan reachability, and – even more exciting – takes us to full-stack, complete PSTN replacement status in the country. Anything the old PSTN can do, Voxbone can do – with minimal latency, top quality, and near-instant deployment.

We’re not experts (just kidding), but to the best of our knowledge, no other international carrier provides full domestic reachability in Turkey, making this a world first. Our existing local and toll-free numbers can all be used to make domestic calls.

We’re currently pricing our calling rates very aggressively, so get ready to dive in.

A brand new API for number porting

This is what’s making headlines in the office: it’s now possible to port numbers to Voxbone using an API. It’s not something many providers offer (we like to take the initiative), and it can automate a whole host of processes normally carried out on the Voxbone platform.

Here’s a flavor…

  • Check number portability
  • View estimated time to port completion
  • Update your porting request with end-user details
  • Update your preferred porting date

And, of course, it can programmatically port numbers to Voxbone. Better yet, pricing is completely transparent and viewable on a request-by-request basis.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’re currently developing its ability to port multiple numbers and number ranges just as easily.

Take a look at our API documentation for more.

Toll-free coverage in Bulgaria

Joining our huge range of local numbers across Bulgaria, we’re delighted to introduce an all-new toll-free number range in the country. We’ve got dozens of numbers in stock already, and are primed to offer more if you need them.

We’re also so pleased to guarantee full domestic reachability – meaning that every single number type in Bulgaria is available to call. International reachability is possible too (because why stop at ‘good enough’?)

The best part of this is that we can now proudly say that we offer toll-free phone numbers across 27 of the EU’s 28 countries (and we’ve got our eye on you, Malta – watch this space).

Did we mention that there are zero setup fees?

We’ve levelled up down under

One of the things we’re proud about at Voxbone is owning our own infrastructure, meaning we’ve got total control over routing and hardware in our data centers. Because of this, we’ve just been able to level up our SuperPoP in Australia: it’s now able to deal with the signalling as well as media from your voice traffic.

With everything routed locally in-country, get ready to capitalise on lowest-possible latency, highest-possible quality, and the best possible service for you and your customers.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got questions. We love answering them.