Outbound Calling: Making Domestic, International, and Emergency Calls from your Voxbone Numbers

Voxbone calling to the faraway towns, cities, countries and continents.

3 years, 30-odd countries and countless coverage updates later, I still come across people from within our industry who aren’t clued up on the outbound calling capabilities here at Voxbone, now part of Bandwidth.

You there, at the back of the class. Let me clue you in… Yes, Voxbone may have started out as an inbound voice player. But since 2017, we’ve completely transformed out network and platform by first rolling out and then scaling up the ability to make high-quality local calls from Voxbone numbers. Today, this functionality is available in nearly 40 countries, and it’s keystone of our enterprise-grade PSTN replacement offering.

In the paragraphs below, I’ll elablorate on the three flavors of Outbound Calling we provide — Domestic, International and Emergency — and attempt to explain just why Best-Quality Routing (BQR) in country is a game changer that sets us apart from the chasing pack.

1. Domestic Calling: Greater Quality, Reach and Answer Rates

Voxbone’s enterprise-grade national dialing capability is available in 30+ countries and allows you to reach any number in a given market’s national Telephone Numbering Plan – whether fixed, mobile, toll-free, national, short-code or something else.

It’s a national termination service that brings full feature parity with legacy in-country carriers, plus all the cost, scale and efficiency benefits of the cloud.

Why is this such a big deal? Because with it, your business can finally wave goodbye to legacy PSTN services and replace their full functionality from the cloud. This is, to put it simply, what we mean when we talk about PSTN Replacement. We offer this across 30+ of the world’s biggest business markets including the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. For true PSTN replacement, you need:

  • Availability of local phone numbers
  • Ability to port in your existing numbers
  • Domestic Calling capabilities
  • Ability to make Emergency calls

Each of these components is vital in creating seamless two-way voice experiences from the cloud that is indinguishable for end users from using a local carrier. But Domestic Calling is the crown jewel in this offer. And it is made possible thanks to In-Country Routing, also called National Routing.

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National Routing

Where our Domestic Calling differs to typical cloud voice termination services is that calls are routed in country. Our COO Gaetan has given a great synopsis of what precisely this means, which you can read here. In essense, though, it’s this. As well as improving the depth of your reach within a country, national routing means they’ll be terminated with the lowest possible latency because the calls don’t need to travel halway across a continent and back.

Crucially, they’ll present with local CLI and dialtone. This is huge because we’ve found that local number presentation can boost answer rates for business calls by more than three times.

By using our domestic dialing capabilities on a local number, you can drive higher response rates and engagement for your marketing, sales and customer care outreach teams.


The watchword when we talk about Domestic Calling is quality.

National routing allows for the fewest hops between caller and callee. Anyone who’s endured a long-distance international call can tell you the impact of bouncing between too many networks on the calling experience. Latency. Jitter. Packet Loss. These are terms that are sure to send a shiver down your spine if you care about quality!

It also reinforces one of the biggest selling points of the Voxbone network. We own our own global voice network and operate our own number ranges. In nearly 30 major markets, we’re a licensed national operator. Where we aren’t we work only with Tier 1 partners.

Taken altogether, this means you get the best quality and cost. How can it be both? Because we’re not stacking our own margins on top of an upstream provider’s prices, which is generally what happens when you use an operator that aggregates their coverage from a number of different partners.

Aggregation means inconsistency and uncertainty. It means variable quality between locations, lengthy lead times on support and higher communications costs.

Instead, with Voxbone and our Domestic Calling capabilities, you can be assured of a consistently high-quality Outbound Calling experience that gives you deep local reach on a broad global scale.

Domestic Calling in 30+ countries gives you deep local reach on a broad global scale

International Calling

With international dialing, you can call any fixed or mobile number around the globe from your Voxbone numbers. This makes getting the conversation started anywhere a piece of cake, with no more fiddly carrier contracts to worry about.

And if you are looking to combine the two (we recommend it), there’s another little perk you can use: Voxbone’s BQR, or Best Quality Routing. For every country in which you have both domestic and international dialing enabled, we’ll automatically optimize call routing for maximum quality. That means you don’t have to do any manual configuration work to pick the best path: everything is taken care of for you.

Our Best-Quality Routing (BQR) engine intelligently optimizes routing on your calls for maximum call quality by ensuring the simplest journey from point A to B. Where calls begin and end in a country that is enabled for national calls, there’s no need for international gateways – so you enjoy noticeably lower latency, higher audio quality and increased privacy.

How it works:

Best-Quality Routing

Emergency Calling

We’re not in the habit of pessimism, but we are in the habit of being prepared. That’s why we provide fuss-free access to emergency services in 30+ markets, including 25 of the EU 28 (the others will be coming shortly). Should disaster strike, the people using your Voxbone phone lines can connect immediately to their nearest Public Safety Answering Point, or PSAP.

Not only does this help keep your end users safe, but it also helps ensure that your business is compliant with local regulations around access to emergency services in every market – without the need to maintain a costly PSTN line. With Voxbone in your corner, it’s easy to ensure you’re compliant wherever you operate.

Talk to your Account Manager or submit a ticket with our Customer Success team to discuss Voxbone’s calling services.

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