If there really is no rest for the wicked, then our porting team must be very wicked indeed, because they’ve been working around the clock to deliver more portability support to businesses migrating numbers to Voxbone.

This month sees the inclusion of several new number types in our automated porting tool:

  • US mobile numbers with free porting requests!
  • Israeli mobile numbers
  • Danish mobile numbers. We also have a new number range in Denmark. Find out what this means!
  • Austrian geographic numbers
  • Porting in France extended to cover our full range of area codes

All told, we offer frictionless porting across 40+ countries. We navigate the tangled regulatory web to deliver one simple process, no matter the number or location. It’s all about making things strangely simple. That’s our motto, don’t you know?

Voxbone superpowers enterprises and startups

Ask not what can porting do for you

Number porting may not seem like the sexiest feature, but it’s a powerful tool that enables you to bring all your existing voice services under one umbrella. By bringing your existing phone numbers to Voxbone, you can keep the numbers you have and mitigate the disruption that comes from changing number.

Number porting is a powerful tool that enables you to bring all your existing voice services under one umbrella

For the resellers among you, it’s also a fantastic way to win existing business from your competitors, by providing customers a high-quality service that is fully compliant with local regulations and consistent across territories.

A world of opportunity

Porting over to Voxbone lets you take opportunity of the fantastic features we offer on our numbers – such as national Outbound Calling from the cloud in 10 markets, two-way messaging and voice on the same number and Emergency Services Calling.

Once your numbers are on the Voxbone network, you’ll benefit from zero-rate calls to all other Voxbone numbers, regardless of where they are located in the world. This opens up the possibility for massive savings on calls to the millions of Voxbone numbers in service.

Don’t worry if you have numbers that can’t be ported over. We’ve enabled our Outbound Calling service for non-Voxbone DID numbers and now support call forwarding. So there’s no excuse not to choose Voxbone for a hyper voice local presence wherever you need it, from the single-source alternative to the PSTN that finally lets you cut your carrier cord!

Submit a port request through our platform now.

Not a customer? Not a problem! Try Voxbone for free and we’re sure you’ll want to stick around!

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