The powerful potential of smart speakers at the office


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It’s a new year and we’re taking a look at what lies ahead for business communications. AI assistants are making the move from the home to the workplace with, for example, the launch of Alexa for Business. This could open up a whole new world for developing voice-centric business apps and change the way we interact with technology at the office.

AI for meetings

Shared workspace giant WeWork is testing out the service at their corporate headquarters in NYC. With Alexa-powered devices in their meeting rooms, you can give commands to change the lighting and temperature, just like at home.

But users can also give commands like “extend my meeting” so they don’t get booted from their space in the middle of a conference. Alexa will book more time or find an available room nearby. If there’s an issue or request, tell Alexa and it will automatically file a support ticket. There is also a Crestron skill for Alexa that lets you initiate and record meetings using Alexa commands.

AI for business alerts and notifications

Alexa can make its own voice heard at the office. Atlassian’s HipChat was reported to be the first work chat program to integrate with Alexa, with a useful feature: if one of Atlassian’s services experiences an issue or goes down, an alert is sent through the app and announced through the speaker.

Amazon has taken up the voice-activated torch themselves, developing an Alexa skill for AWS with commands including, “Alexa, ask AWS for help.” Considering the ubiquity of businesses using AWS, the opportunities for Amazon to give its smart speakers a place in the office are huge.

The “Drop In” feature in Echo devices enables users to select certain contacts who can automatically connect via voice or video, which makes for a great way for coworkers–and only coworkers–to connect instantly.

Beyond the basics

These are examples of what you can do with simple commands, using AI-powered speakers to serve as an office assistant. But AI can do much more: improve your sales performance, automating business processes, and give you the metrics to make general contact center improvements.

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