We hope you had the opportunity to join Voxbone’s webinar earlier this week when Fikri Firat, Developer Advocate of Strategic Products, and I discussed the potential commercial use cases for WebRTC, with some real-world examples. If you missed it, you can watch the recording in its entirety below:

One of the main questions from the event was, “How do I monetize WebRTC?” Let’s start by looking at Facebook. The social network sees more than 400 million active monthly users use their WebRTC services, mostly through Facebook Messenger. But Messenger is free. Facebook can support its calling infrastructure because it makes a killing by selling your profile to advertisers–that’s not a model most of the world can (or should) replicate. Unfortunately, that does not leave a clear business case for WebRTC.

If you’re not a big social network or messenger with a fancy name, what advantages of WebRTC can you use to enhance your business? During the webinar, we shared three ideas that hinge on WebRTC functionality:

  • Click-to-call: What is this magic button? With one click, a caller can get through to a company and provide customer information automatically. Seeing as the call is made entirely through the web, it saves money for both the customer and the enterprise while encouraging more productive and satisfying communications. Take a look at Fikri’s demo from the webinar to see how easy it is.
  • An end to IVR: Agents are expensive and it doesn’t make sense to have them sitting around waiting for calls. Thus, the IVR and auto-attendant were invented. The only problem is that everyone hates IVRs, especially when you can get to where you need to go in seconds on the web or using your smartphone app. “Press 1 to enter your access code followed by the pound or hash key…” How many times have you been subjected to this awful system? WebRTC allows callers to skip these steps and provide a frictionless customer interaction experience. All it takes is cutting and pasting a couple of lines of JavaScript. Check out an explanation of how companies can use a WebRTC solution to resolve IVR challenges.
  • Modernizing contact centers: WebRTC brings a completely new opportunity for implementing and maintaining a call center via the web. Whether you serve call centers or maintain your own, WebRTC can allow you to cut costs by enabling cloud-based voice services which can scale as your business grows. This part of the webinar shows exactly how this can be done.

Even if you are not a massive social network, WebRTC is an incredibly useful technology that can have an immediate impact on customer satisfaction and your service costs. Be sure to stay posted for more news from The Workshop.