What does the remote worker landscape look like in 2018?

It’s easy to overlook the humble phone line when you’re thinking about the technologies that help your business achieve success. But doing so is a big mistake.

That’s according to the first edition of our Remote Worker Survey, which reveals that the mighty phone is still the go-to form of communication for out-of-office workers in the US.

This is a big deal considering that nearly half of all employees (40%) are now working regularly with people in different locations from their own. And guess what? When it comes to staying in touch, they still prefer to pick up the phone.

Here are a couple of the more eye-catching stats to come our of our survey of 500 workers across the US, which reveals the conference calling habits of today’s workforce:

Voice is still more popular than SMS, IM or video chat for remote collaboration

  • 46% of employees prefer traditional dial-ins to computer/smartphone audio calling during conference calls
  • 30% of employees agree that when joining a conference call the audio quality is better when dialing-in by phone
  • 45% of people surveyed prefer speaking on the phone to customer service agents versus email, text or online messaging
  • 32% of employees say the worst part of working remotely is lack of relationship-building

Check all the stats in our glorious new infographic below!

Phone numbers are the preferred choice for joining conference calls