It’s coming up to Christmas, and many people will be donning their wooly jumpers, grabbing their skis and hitting the slopes.
One hot-spot for skiing (or rather, cold this time of year!) is the mountainous country of Austria! But its snowy peaks are not the only reason we’re excited about this country…

Voxbone is happy to announce that we’re launching mobile coverage in Austria!

Did you know that it’s one of the most competitive mobile markets in Europe? There were over 13 million mobile subscriptions recorded in Austria in 2015 and this figure is only set to grow.
The DIDs we’re launching will be enabled for both voice and SMS and we’re proud to be the only provider offering this on Austrian mobile numbers at the moment.
Along with the mobile numbers we’ve launched before, we offer a reliable tier-1 national SMS termination service, that can be used with these numbers, to carry out 2-way communications with your subscribers.

Austria is the 13th country that we’ve launched with SMS-enabled numbers and we’ve got more coming!

We recognize that mobile communication is the new global standard, and we’re constantly working to increase our coverage so that our customers have even more ways to expand their business, with access to the highest quality DID numbers.
Sound good?! Head on over to our website and click that register button to get started with ordering your DID numbers. Or if you prefer, get in touch with your account manager for more information.