Hello! I’m thrilled to reveal that Voxbone have re-launched toll-free numbers in Germany this month. By now you know the drill. We do all the heavy lifting, ensuring your numbers and services are fully compliant with the local regulations.

And that’s why we can offer German toll-free numbers for use both by end users within the country and those on the outside. There’s a slightly different process for each, which I’ve outlined below.

The important thing to remember is that these toll-free numbers open up a credible, consumer-friendly channel of communication with customers in Europe’s most important economy.

Because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to consolidate your business communications with one provider, we’re offering free number porting on any German toll-free numbers that you would like to bring over to Voxbone!

Read our process document for more information on how to port over German toll-free numbers to Voxbone.

For end users outside Germany

If you’re looking for new toll-free numbers that will be used by people or entities outside of Germany, you can easily find them within our platform.

Click here to order toll-free numbers or sign up if you aren’t already a customer.

For end users within Germany

If the people or entities using these numbers are registered in Germany, you can acquire them directly from Bundesnetzagentur, the national telecoms regulator. Then pop over to our platform and we’ll help you port them over to Voxbone with our automated request tool.

You can order or port German toll-free numbers within our platform!

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